Sustainable Regulations and Regulatory Reform

The oil and natural gas industry is one of the most thoroughly regulated industries in the U.S.  We recognize the importance of, and support, regulations that ensure the safety of our employees, the environment and our communities.  However, it is important that regulatory programs do not become so burdensome that their cost outweighs their benefit and ultimately deters the responsible development of affordable, reliable, domestic energy for Americans.

The oil and natural gas industry employs thousands of environmental and safety professionals to achieve regulatory compliance. We devote significant time and money to this effort, as well as to innovation, and continuously work to develop new technologies and better practices to further reduce impacts to wildlife, air, water and land.

We believe it is critical that state and federal agencies fully evaluate existing programs and the significant amount of resources that companies devote, often voluntarily, to safety and environmental protection, before considering new regulations.  Failing to do so can result in regulations that are redundant, conflicting, or costly. Unnecessary regulation stifles job creation and economic growth and prohibits the industry from providing affordable, reliable, domestic energy to Americans.

AXPC supports appropriate regulation that is sustainable, provides long-term certainty and predictability, and that is science-based. This will allow the oil and natural gas industry to continue to support our nation’s economy and way of life for Americans.