American oil and gas producers have an irreplaceable role in meeting the challenge of global climate change. AXPC, representing large independent American oil and gas producers, supports innovative, collaborative solutions that lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while meeting the world’s growing need for abundant, low cost, reliable energy. Successful public policy must recognize that oil and gas underpins our standard of living and American oil and gas is critical to our national security and economic prosperity.

The following principles will guide AXPC’s climate advocacy efforts, including policy that:

Facilitates meaningful GHG emissions reductions

      • Requires proportional participation from all sectors of the economy
      • Utilizes fair, consistent and transparent measurement methodologies across industries
      • Encourages and appropriately accounts for early and/or voluntary actions
      • Minimizes inconsistent, redundant and/or contradictory regulations and policies
      • Attributes to energy producers only emissions arising during production operations

Balances economic, environmental and energy security needs

      • Ensures the development of critical energy infrastructure
      • Makes the costs and associated climate benefits of any policy fully transparent to the American public
      • Ensures that the United States shoulders an equitable burden under international agreements
      • Does not disadvantage American oil and gas producers and workers against foreign competitors

Promotes innovation

      • Champions economy-wide public and private investment to develop cost-effective technologies that will materially reduce GHG emissions
      • Relies upon predictable and economically efficient policy frameworks, such as the use of market-based policies and/or offsets, to deliver outcomes at the lowest cost to society
      • Allows all energy sources to compete for innovation funding

AXPC Members meaningfully reduce methane emissions and advocate for natural gas opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and policies that promote innovation and technology. AXPC Scope 3 Position Statement can be found here.  AXPC’s CCUS Position Statement can be found here.