Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a good corporate citizen is about protecting and caring for the environment and prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and communities. We also maintain the highest ethical standards and adhere to laws and regulations at every level of government. In doing so we:

  • Foster collaborative partnerships to identify community priorities so we can understand and address the needs and wants of a community. Through community advisory panels, town halls, site tours, regulatory operational updates and other opportunities, we strive to keep the public informed and educated about our industry and its operations.
  • Go beyond job creation and tax revenue to expand prosperity and economic well-being. Whether it’s contributing to local schools, first responder needs or community health centers, we seek opportunities to invest in local communities.
  • Give back through volunteerism. Many of our employees, retirees and their families spend countless hours in support of local charities and events. In addition, many companies match personal employee contributions – enabling us to share our success with organizations that make a difference in our communities.