AXPC ESG Metrics Framework and Template


Oil and gas companies routinely report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, demonstrating their accountability for addressing challenges and risks affecting the industry, the environment, and our commitment to sustainable operations. Robust ESG reporting is important to both companies and stakeholders, and while there are a number of frameworks available, there has been no standardized framework for reporting consistent metrics with consistent methodologies for the upstream oil and gas industry.

To provide investors and the public with transparency and consistency for key upstream ESG indicators, AXPC launched the AXPC ESG Metrics Framework and Template in February 2021. These are available for use on a voluntary basis in sustainability reporting beginning in 2021.

AXPC’s ESG Metrics and Framework centers around five key metrics groupings that AXPC members believe are essential to capture in promoting more consistent reporting across its members companies – Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, Flaring, Spills, Water Use and Safety. 

The AXPC ESG Metrics Framework can be found here.

The AXPC ESG Metrics Template can be downloaded here.

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