Natural Gas and the G7

Ahead of a Group of Seven (G7) meeting in Japan, G7 officials gathered for a ministerial meeting to discuss economic, trade, and environmental issues. On Sunday, April 16, news broke […]

The US Needs Bipartisan Permitting Modernization

Why is permitting modernization a hot topic? The need for permitting reform is a discussion that has closely followed discussions around the need to modernize our infrastructure. Energy industry executives, […]

The Federal Lease Message Wheel Goes Round and Round

For opponents of oil and gas development on federal lands, there are many opportunities to “spin the message wheel” to create confusion or claims against production.  One day, its complaints […]

America’s Energy Revolution

Before the American Shale Revolution, our country faced high and unstable energy prices and increasing emissions. We were largely reliant on foreign countries to meet our energy needs – meaning […]

Unleash American Energy Production

AXPC member companies – producers of American energy – are authors of the great American Shale Revolution – a time when domestic energy production transformed our nation’s energy landscape. During […]

The Biden Administration Hits Peak Energy Absurdity

By: Anne Bradbury, AXPC CEO for RealClear Energy Methane Fee, Windfall Profits Taxes, Repealing IDCs, calls for FTC investigations into price gouging, and now a federal gasoline tax suspension.  The […]

Policies to Lower Gasoline Prices

This month’s energy inflation numbers – 35 percent overall, including 48.7 percent for gasoline – are a sobering reminder of the pain Americans are feeling every time we drive, buy […]