AXPC: FERC Policy Update will Make Energy More Expensive

WASHINGTON – Today, the American Exploration and Production Council released the following statement about FERC’s decision to overhaul the certification process for new natural gas pipelines requiring a climate evaluation that calculates emissions from the production of natural gas, through the pipelines, and to the downstream use of the fuel.

“The partisan decision by FERC will make energy more expensive for American families by making it harder to build pipelines to get energy to where it’s needed the most. FERC’s decision to overhaul the certification process could also impede the permitting of new LNG facilities – which is extremely problematic because US LNG supports emissions reductions around the world, while providing our allies with energy security,” AXPC CEO Anne Bradbury.

As outlined in detail in a recent letter from EQT President and CEO Toby Rice to US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, areas of the country where pipeline infrastructure development has stalled or ceased altogether are seeing effects of infrastructure induced local supply shortages that have led to substantially higher costs of natural gas, reliance on fuels such as coal and heavy oil, and electric grid instability.  The impact of these infrastructure induced shortages is most keenly felt by lower income families and small businesses.

About the American Exploration and Production Council:
AXPC is a national trade association representing the largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States. We lead the world in the cleanest and safest onshore production of oil and gas, while supporting millions of Americans in high-paying jobs and investing a wealth of resources in our communities. Learn more at


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